TUTUApp VIP for Android, iOS & PC

TUTUApp is a 3rd-party app store for Android and iOS devices. TUTUApp VIP lets you download and run the paid apps for free on your smartphone or tablet. With Tutu Helper you can use almost all the paid apps and games available on the Google play store for free of cost using the it on your device alongside the apps

TUTUApp VIP for Android, iOS & PC

What Is TutuApp VIP All About

Using TutuApp right now brings you incredible convenience because it’s as simple as you could imagine.

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So you find yourself with a nifty Android device and/or iOS device. Well, that’s great but it’s only going to be as fun and/or useful as the apps installed on either one. With that in mind, you decide to look through the Play Store or the App Store. Sure, either store one can offer up a massive variety of apps. The problem is, the apps you’d want at any given time might not be so free of charge. Yes, some apps/games can cost very little and others can have a hefty price tag on them. So, how do you get around this?

The problem isn’t just a matter of getting around it. It’s a matter of someone wanting to try the app or game before spending their hard earned cash on it. Too many times users have thought to themselves, “What happens if I buy an app and simply don’t like it for whatever reason”? The “short n skinny” of it is that you’re stuck. Your chances to get a refund without being proclaimed a “scammer” of some type will be slim and none. Sure, once or twice you might get away with it, but keep going and you’re sunk!! It’s just simply not how the stores work and continue to work.

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So how do we fix this or get around it?

Now enter TutuappVIP and Tutu Helper. Essentially, they’re both the same thing. They’re both a type of replacement app for Cydia (iOS only). Cydia is a package manager for iOS which is intended to be used on jailbroken iOS devices. The problems are, not everyone wants to jailbreak their iOS device(s) and not everyone can. In truth, they can BUT not everyone can do it easily or freely. Some are just not technical enough to do that. Also, note that sometimes jailbreaking can cause more problems than what it’s worth.

The fun part is that TutuappVIP and Tutu Helper doesn’t require a jailbroken device. They don’t even need your Apple ID!! Rather, they just install, run, and offer you the full range of apps and games for free. That’s right, FREE. You can try out things all you like.

How about on an Android device?

As it turns out, Android devices are in the same situation as iOS devices. So many apps and games in the Play Store, but the ones you’d want are not free too many times. There are versions of TutuappVIP and Tutu Helper available for Android as well. Both do not require a rooted Android device. But it’s still the same problem. You want to try out an app or game to see if it’ll be something you want. Unfortunately, you have to pay for it first.

It is truly annoying being stuck like that because getting your money back won’t be easy if you can get it back at all. You end up paying for an app that you have to discover has a feature you need but isn’t there. Other times the app simply won’t work properly or at all on your device. Do note that not every app and/or game can work 100% of the time on every device. It’s impossible considering how many different Android devices are currently available.

What’s the difference between these apps and what’s in the Stores?

When you’re searching through the Google Play Store of the App Store, you’d find tons of apps and games that you might want to try but have to pay for first. With TutuappVIP and Tutu Helper, you can get the same apps for free. To increase its appeal, both apps offer “hacked” (modified) versions of the same apps and games you’d find in either the Play Store or App Store.

Consider the example of the game Minecraft. That game would cost you if you downloaded it. Eventually, IF you ended up not even liking the game, you just spent your hard earned cash to try it out. That’s %100 money wasted. But with TutuappVIP or Tutu Helper, you can at least try it out without spending any money. This is just one of many examples.

Another example would be any of the video editor apps currently available that are paid apps. And yes, there are many!! You spend all your time to search for something you think has the feature(s) you needed. Then you find out you have to pay for it first. Then you find out the app did NOT have the feature(s) you needed or they didn’t work properly. In short, your time and money were wasted. Now you have to keep searching. If you manage to find an app which mentions the features you need in its description, you have to hope it works on your Android or iOS device. If not, once again you’re stuck with time and money wasted.

TutuappVIP and Tutu Helper managed to put an end to this type of wreck. Not only put an end to that but also offer up hacked versions of the apps and games. Take the example of the game Minecraft again. You now have a chance to not only try it out but also to try it out with a lot of resources already included. The same can be found in many games currently available while using TutuappVIP or Tutu Helper. Imagine starting out in a game like Castle Clash with a fully upgraded town!! The list goes on and on for things like this.

So how does it get installed

The given information below shows you a couple of different ways to install TutuappVIP or Tutu Helper. Neither of them is available in the Play Store or the App Store. So these methods are the recommended methods. Attempting to gain either app from a different source is done at your own peril. Do remember that others who are offering TutuappVIP and/or Tutu Helper could be attempting to trick you into installing malware.

TutuappVIP Installation Method #1 for iOS

Go to the TutuappVIP website using your PC browser. The other method is to use the recommended Safari browser on your iOS device.

If you’re using a computer, place your mouse cursor over the Download Now link button. There’s no need to click the link. You’ll see a QR code instantly displayed.

Scan the QR code to download and install TutuappVIP. This is the VIP version which costs $12.99. Run TutuappVIP on your iOS device.

If you have not previously registered an account, you can do so within the app itself. If you have one, just login!! There’s a search bar you can use to type in the name of the app or game you want to search for and/or download and install. Once the target app or game is found, you should be seeing several different copies. As mentioned above, you can get the typical version for free or chose a hacked version which is also free. Click Get to download the selected app or game. Once the download is complete, go ahead and install the game. Once the installation is complete, have at it!!

TutuappVIP Installation Method #2 for iOS

Use this method to install TutuappVIP IF the QR code installation method does not work.

Go to the TutuappVIP website using your PC browser. You will not be scanning the QR code this time. Look directly under the Download Now button. There’s a VIP Installer button just below it. Click the VIP Installer button to download the installer. This is a .zip file so you have to extract the files inside to where you can locate them.

Run the VIP Installer to install the software on your computer. This software will install TutuappVIP onto your iOS device. Once it’s installed, connect your iOS device to your computer via USB cable. Run the TutuApp Installer.

Once it’s ready, you’ll see the Install Now button at the bottom of the installer window. Click it and wait for the installation to complete. If a problem occurs, click the Retry button. Once TutuappVIP is installed on your iOS device, follow the instructions above starting at “Run TutuappVIP on your iOS device”.

Tutu Helper Installation Method for Android devices

Either use the browser on your PC or on your Android device and download the APK file. This will provide you with a copy that you must sideload onto your Android device.

MAKE SURE you have Unknown Sources turned ON in the Security settings of your Android device. If you’ve downloaded the .apk file via PC using your browser, locate that file and transfer it to your Android device. You can use either a card reader to put it on your memory card, Wi-Fi transfer method(s), or do so via a USB cable. Each way can work just fine. Just make SURE that the .apk file is either on your internal storage OR your memory card. If you’ve downloaded the .apk file to your Android device, you’re all set.

Use your Android device’s file manager (whatever it may be) to locate the .apk file. Run the installation of the .apk file by locating it and tapping on it. Keep tapping on the Next or Install button until the process is completed. This will install it. Accept any “warnings” it may show you. Those warnings are just standard stuff and you don’t have to worry about it.

Once the installation is complete, run the app as you would any other app on Android. Its icon should show up somewhere on your wall (your home screen). Locate it and tap it.

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