Tutu App VIP Installation

TutuappVIP Installation Method #1 for iOS

Go to the TutuappVIP website using your PC browser. The other method is to use the recommended Safari browser on your iOS device.

If you’re using a computer, place your mouse cursor over the Download Now link button. There’s no need to click the link. You’ll see a QR code instantly displayed.

Scan the QR code to download and install TutuappVIP. This is the VIP version which costs $12.99.

Run TutuappVIP on your iOS device.

If you have not previously registered an account, you can do so within the app itself. If you have one, just login!!

There’s a search bar you can use to type in the name of the app or game you want to search for and/or download and install.

Once the target app or game is found, you should be seeing several different copies. As mentioned above, you can get the typical version for free or chose a hacked version which is also free.

Click Get to download the selected app or game.

Once the download is complete, go ahead and install the game.

Once the installation is complete, have at it!!

TutuappVIP Installation Method #2 for iOS

Use this method to install TutuappVIP IF the QR code installation method does not work.

Go to the TutuappVIP website using your PC browser. You will not be scanning the QR code this time.

Look directly under the Download Now button. There’s a VIP Installer button just below it.

Click the VIP Installer button to download the installer. This is a .zip file so you have to extract the files inside to where you can locate them.

Run the VIP Installer to install the software onto your computer. This software will install TutuappVIP onto your iOS device.

Once it’s installed, connect your iOS device to your computer via USB cable.

Run the TutuApp Installer.

Once it’s ready, you’ll see the Install Now button at the bottom of the installer window. Click it and wait for the installation to complete.

If a problem occurs, click the Retry button.

Once TutuappVIP is installed onto your iOS device, follow the instructions above starting at “Run TutuappVIP on your iOS device”.

tutuapp top vip

Tutu Helper Installation Method for Android devices.

Either use the browser on your PC or on your Android device and download the APK file . This will provide you a copy that you must sideload onto your Android device.

MAKE SURE you have Unknown Sources turned ON in the Security settings of your Android device.

If you’ve downloaded the .apk file via PC using your browser, locate that file and transfer it to your Android device. You can use either a card reader to put it on your memory card, Wi-Fi transfer method(s), or do so via a USB cable. Each way can work just fine. Just make SURE that the .apk file is either on your internal storage OR your memory card.

If you’ve download the .apk file with your Android device, you’re all set.

Use your Android device’s file manager (whatever it may be) to locate the .apk file.

Run the installation of the .apk file by locating it and tapping on it.

Keep tapping on the Next or Install button until the process is completed. This will install it. Accept any “warnings” it may show you. Those warnings are just standard stuff and you don’t have to worry about it.

Once the installation is complete, run the app as you would any other app on Android. Its icon should show up somewhere on your wall (your home screen). Locate it and tap it.

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